The story behind Shipdeck

Software project management tools shouldn’t need a manual

Why Shipdeck?

We wanted something less

We’re a small team, and we build small products. Sometimes we do work for clients, but we mostly just make useful software that solves our own problems, which we then make available to others. We don’t need all of the bells and whistles (to put it politely) of something like Jira, but a Kanban board alone gets chaotic quickly.

Shipdeck combines an issue tracker with a Kanban board that lets you focus on a few things at a time. You can cherry pick the issues your team is working on, and hide everything else on the board. As you complete tasks, they automatically roll off the board, and become part of your project’s Changelog, which you can share publicly if you like.

If you work with clients, you can invite them to your project, so they can add feature requests or bug reports, and track progress. Shipdeck also helps you support your software maintenance clients by keeping all communication within the system.

Release early, release often

We think most software project management tools are too complicated and just slow you down. Even systems built for agile software development feel rigid and unforgiving. We don’t want to have to train people on how to use the project management system, and explain all the unnecessary jargon. We just want to get to work, and ship like a pirate! If you’re frustrated with your software project management process, why not try Shipdeck for yourself?

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We're a self-funded software shop that's been around since 2005. We believe in fair and simple pricing, without annual commitments or high-pressure sales tactics.

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